Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fresno Famous Interview

As far as I can remember, this is the last interview that I did, in relation to my book, that's still currently available on the internet. There was an interview in the Fresno Bee, but good luck finding it, and another one that I did while I was in Madison for a reading, but I have no idea if it even ever came out.

Oh, and the reading's long past. As the opening act, I read first, and then Brian absolutely killed. It was an honor to read with him.

Ever since the NBCC nomination thing, I've been interviewed a couple of times about my book, which has been cool (though I'm usually completely stressed out during the actual interviews because I can't stop worrying that I'm sounding like a nitwit and that I will be haunted forever by an unfortunate turn of phrase), but I'm pretty sure that, after doing this last interview, that the media interest has come to its end, unless I go on some type of "rampage" or find an interesting way to die.

If you're in the Fresno area next Thursday, come to Brian's and my reading.

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