Monday, September 10, 2007

A Lovely Song: "1 Thing"

I'll be the first to admit that there are whole areas of the world of music that I'm pretty ignorant about, mostly having to do with mashups. It just sounded like a genre that wasn't going to do it for me. I pictured a bunch of nerds trying to out-clever each other by combining unlikely tracks into unlistenable music.

Then i read an article in Slatethat mentioned in passing a mash up of an Amerie vocal with a Nujabes track, which, just on the face of it—an American female urban singer with some sad boys from Japan—looks like it would sound horrible.

It doesn't. In fact, it sounds great. You can download the original Amerie on iTunes and it sounds pretty good for what it is, but listening to the vocal against the melancholic Nujabes really brings out the yearning and sadness in Amerie's voice.

This mash up isn't an official release by anybody's label, but if I can find it, then so can you.

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