Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Onion Just Hurt My Feelings

A lazy Sunday. I'm finally getting to this week's Onion, which I got into when I lived in Madcity. The Onion is just brilliant, but sometimes the humor hits a little too close to home, as in this article, especially the part about abandoned musical instruments.

My abandoned instrument collection: one djembe, one afuche, one pair of bongos (stop laughing, they're a great percussion instrument), one mini-conga, one twelve-string guitar, one electric guitar, amp for said electric guitar, one blues harmonica (explanation: in college, I had the blues, man, real bad), and a drum kit. I haven't played any of them in years, but I'm going to tune my guitars right now, play them for about a half hour, then abandon them again. Rock and roll, damn it.

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Orchid in the Bronx said...

And btw, these guys are SO NICE. Maybe it's the mid-western thing, but I worked with some Milwaukee-native guys in the NYC marketing department on a media sponsorship thingy, and they were SUPER.